Keen AI CEO to speak at Commercial UAV Expo, Netherlands

Amjad Karim, CEO at Keen AI has been invited to speak at this year's Commercial UAV Expo - Europe. The conference is scheduled for 8-10 April in Amsterdam, The Netherlands



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Amjad Karim, CEO at Keen AI has been invited to speak at this year's Commercial UAV Europe Expo. The expo is the only pan-European event focused on drones for industrial use, and returns to Amsterdam in April 2019. The conference addresses critical issues commercial users face when it comes to drones: regulatory issues, data management, outsourcing vs. insourcing, systems integration and more.

Amjad's presentation will focus on the analysis of video footage and imagery captured by drones across 7000 miles of wires and pylons for National Grid.

He says "the use of drones to assess the condition of components, parts and hardware is increasing at a rapid rate across large scale infrastructure. The cost and time savings associated with the use of drones for condition assessment is just astonishing. Using Keen AI's machine vision platform to identify hardware in video, and stepping forward, having algorithms to be able to assess their condition, will save thousands of manual hours trawling through images and footage."

Amjad will be speaking on the 10th April, and will be discussing the impact of Machine Vision in supporting UAV applications and updating delegates on progress at National Grid.

Learn more about the Commercial UAV Expo Europe.

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