Warning: KAI-V machine vision can seriously increase your process efficiency.

KAI-V, our Machine Vision platform sees the world, and learns. Whether your goal is to augment or automate a process, KAI-V makes this easier. By learning from your inputs, KAI-V helps you continually reduce manual effort in identifying objects of interest in images and video, driving massive resource efficiencies for your organisation or business.

Increase process productivity

Support human experts by rapidly identifying objects of interest in recorded footage or live video feeds. This increases process productivity by either telling you where to look, or skipping what you don’t need to look at. Clients are recording a 60% reduction in process completion time.

KAI-V learns from human experts

During operation KAI-V continually records and learns from assessments made by human experts. Over time, reinforcement learning techniques are used to predict the assessment that a human will make. Once predictions reliably mimic the human expert, the process can be automated.

Assessment standardisation

Different individuals can classify differently, even the same person may be inconsistent at different times. Data collected by KAI-V can be used to standardise process outcomes and create an ideal human expert for KAI-V to mimic.

Unlock insights from footage

KAI-V can analyse everything helping expedite automation. Historical footage, live feeds, thousands of hours, unlimited imagery all improve learning and accuracy for your application. Unlock years of footage for asset inventory, and make content searchable.

Open Platform

With API access you can easily integrate KAI-V with your applications and intuitive tools for training and deploying models for new scenarios, with or without data scientists or external consultants.

In the cloud, or on premise

KAI-V can be delivered as a cloud based application, delivering complete scalability for high demand, or installed as an instance on your internal / private networks.