About Keen AI

Keen AI was established with a singular objective in mind. Deliver practical, yet disruptive AI solutions that improve efficiency in business and organisational processes.

By harnessing machine learning, our goal is to provide quick, cost-effective, multi-industry deployments of machine vision utilising the KAI-V platform, without the need for expensive equipment, that prove the critical role that AI can have in achieving hyper efficiencies in time, resource, and costs.

The Team

Amjad Karim - CEO & Co-Founder

Amjad co-founded KEEN AI creating the first KAI platform prototype. He has successfully deployed Machine Learning and AI capability in many organisations spanning Electricity Transmission, Utilities, Retail and Financial Services.

MSc in Mathematical Modelling of Biological Complexity from University College London. BSc in Mathematics from Imperial College London.

Amjad is fascinated by the ability of natural organisms to solve computational problems and how this can be applied to human systems.

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Dr. Will Koning - Co-Founder & Director

Will is responsible for research at KEEN AI and business development in the Asia Pacific region.

Alongside his work at KEEN AI, Will leads the Data Science team at Kantar New Zealand where he is responsible for big data analytics, data integration, mathematical modelling, AI, machine learning and data-driven strategy consulting.

PhD in Mathematical Modelling of Biological Complexity from UCL. First class Honours degree and MSc in Zoology from University of Otago

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Mubin Khan - Marketing Director

Mubin is responsible for marketing at KEEN AI. Mubin is an experienced Marketing Professional, experienced at defining core strategy, managing implementation and delivering results.

BSc with honours in Psychology from City University, London, MSc in Occupational Psychology from the University of Nottingham.

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James Singleton - Senior Data Scientist

James is a senior data scientist at KEEN AI, he has extensive experience building predictive models for businesses in a variety of sectors. He is driven, commercially astute and a Kaggle prize winner.

MSc in Statistics from University of Warwick and BSc in Physics from Imperial College London.

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Hamzah Reta - Graduate Data Scientist

Hamzah joined the team as a Graduate Data Scientist, having earned an MEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from Imperial College London.

His primary role includes supporting the core team with client projects and helping further develop the KAI-V AI platform.

Hamzah is excited by the potential of AI to take engineering processes to even greater heights. Following his passion for integrating these two worlds to build a better future, he is dedicated to helping Keen AI grow and achieve that vision.

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